Hiring ‘Soon to Be’ Entrepreneurs

One of the best hires you can make in a new company is an employee who wants to start their own business.

A year ago we brought on JonnyBird and this past weekend he announced he’ll be launching his own company.

I’m honored to have worked with Jon and grateful for his positive impact on the business  I’m even more excited to watch him leave to start his own as one of my biggest passions is seeing others take that leap. Jon and I had a very pleasant experience wrapping up the relationship (one I was fortunate to have as well when leaving my job to start SalesLoft.)

So from those experiences, here are a few ideas for entrepreneurs looking to hire other entrepreneurs:

  • Communicate and be honest up front on each others goals, interests, and motivations. Make a commitment to respect them and always do.
  • Check in on adapted goals periodically; communication is most important.
  • Be transparent and let the employee in on stuff that’s outside of their bailiwick, like investment, accounting, etc.
  • Rotate their tasks and lead them with tough challenges they’ve never done before.
  • Make the transition a positive one and give them the runway to focus on their new company.
Hiring entrepreneurs can give a major boost to your business. And it’s the perfect win-win as as the company gets a heightened level of productivity and the entrepreneur learns lessons they couldn’t have learned elsewhere.


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