Having a “Go-To” Slide-Deck for Presentations

As a startup founder, you should find live opportunities to present to your ideal prospects often. One idea is to have a particular slide-deck that you can use many times over.

Now, it wont always be relevant for you to use the same deck but if you’re picking the right events, it could be more than 50% of the time you can recycle.

This dawned on me today when I gave a presentation on 6 free tools you can use today to get ahead in sales. This was the 5th time I’ve been able to give it.

Here are the advantages of pitching the same deck multiple times:

  • It reduces anxiety leading up to the talk because you’ve already ‘given’ the presentation.
  • It enables you to improve your presentation skills faster based on your own feedback and that of the audience (Q&A helps a lot for this).
  • It enables you not to have to spend as much time preparing.
  • Lastly, you can make incremental changes to the deck design making it look better each time.

As an entrepreneur, I recommend having a single “go-to” deck (not a fund raising deck) that allows you to share your thought leadership with your prospect community.

Have you done this? Am I late to the game in recognizing this?

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