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I had dinner with entrepreneur this week. I was describing my relationship with my investors and he was surprised by the strength of our relationship and asked me how that happened. I thought of a short story from 1998…

I was a sophomore in high school and visited my friend Patrick Munson’s house. Patrick’s dad Mike was the man. He had a room in his house dedicated to sport’s memorabilia – signed baseball bats, gloves, balls, photos, etc. We got to talking and he shared his weekly schedule:

Mike stated: “On Monday I have bowling league. On Wednesday the guys come over for poker. Thursday is softball night and I go to the card show all morning on Saturday”

I was impressed, and curious so I asked him:

“Mr. Munson how does Mrs. Munson let you do all those things?”

Mike’s face turned serious and he looked me straight in the eyes and I never forgot what he said:

“Kyle, my wife married the man I am today. And don’t you ever get married unless you can say the same thing”

Moral of the story – the only way to have an awesome close and long-term relationship is to be open, transparent, and honest about all that you are and all you plan to be.

The financing partner who knows you on day 1 is the partner who will be cool with you on day 1000.

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