Email Signature Video Hacks

I’ve been thinking a lot about the best signatures for emails and I came up with some pretty cool ideas.

So everyone loves video and lot’s of people use gmail (for business and personal). Have you ever noticed how when you receive an email that includes a youtube link, Gmail will automatically pull out a thumbnail of that video and post it in your Gmail?

Here’s what it looks like with a screenshot from a Jon Birdsong email.

That’s pretty cool…but you know what is even cooler? Having an animated .gif video running live in your signature. Like this:

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Convert your video to an animated gif (use photoshop) and host it somewhere on the web where they give you a link (WordPress is easy).
Step 2. Go here
Step 3. Scroll to your signature and click the image (mountain) button
Step 4. paste in the link for the image
Step 5. highlight the video and click the link button (to the left of the image button)
Step 6. add this destination url

And that’s it. A simple hack to inject live running video into every email.

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