Downtown Las Vegas, The City as an Accelerator

A few years back, Tony Hsieh and his crew started doing something I’ve never heard done before. They’ve taken over a city, crumbled and riddled with an unsavory reputation and are building a legacy of change and community through the downtown project.

I had the opportunity to visit and tour downtown Las Vegas this week and was quite impressed.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • $350 million in the total¬†Downtown project¬†fund
  • $50 million allocated to each of the following: tech startups, real-estate, education, and small-business
  • 90 employees focused on building and growing downtown Las Vegas
  • Motto of “City as an Accelerator”
  • 2 coworking spaces
  • Zappos new headquarters
  • Container park, an urban work/play retail center
  • Massive land & building assets>
  • Goal to create density of 100 people per square acre (They’re at <20 now)
  • Focus on ROC (return on community) over ROI.

Here are a few pics from my journey.

Startup logo members of Work in Progress
Work in Progress “Upstairs”
Tony’s “Plant Room”
Tony’s Blueprint war room

I feel this will be a very special project that we’ll hear a lot about in the coming years. If you’re headed to Vegas anytime soon and would like some intros/tours…please let me know!

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