Don’t Forget the Content

This is a guest post written by my colleague at NanoLumens, Will Amos.

In the world of introducing a new technology to different markets/industries I think it’s crucial to know all the advantages of your product to make that first introductory call. This first sentence is no crown jewel of knowledge I know, but knowing your advantages does not translate into understanding the characteristics or needs of the markets you’re trying to infiltrate.

A great example of this is came today through an email reply. I am working on introducing the world’s first (non-mesh) flexible display on the market to Architectural Design Firms that can now incorporate our technology into designs that involve mounting displays on curved/serpentine walls or columns (basically areas where flat panel TV’s won’t work). Once I answered a few technical questions he replied with a few more questions, but at the end gave me an insight into his industry that was well worth noting.

His final paragraph read:

Architects always like the idea of big animated surfaces, but they never factor in the creation or updating of content, or the risk of having it become a big hockey game display or a Power Point presentation when people run out of money or inspiration to generate new content.

It may have just been an afterthought to give me a better idea of the project in question, but it was highly valuable in my own education.

-Will Amos

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