Don’t Fall in Love with your Solution

Emotions are deeply integrated into startups. Entrepreneurs can’t help but get wrapped up in their ideas and plans.

But startups never go as planned.

9 times in 10, the resulting businesses is different in some major way than the original business idea.

Think about it as a science experiment: you know the problem or general area you are working toward, but you just don’t yet know the solution.

Your job is to try (and test) a number of things until you find the winner.

For that reason, it’s not wise to get over-invested in your early solutions. The likelihood they change is high.

You should however, fall in love with the problem you solve, the users who need help, and the space you play in. Like Mark Cuban says, becoming an expert in your field is required.

Your problem and space passion will allow you to manage the rocky relationship of potential solutions. Staying unattached to solutions will enable you to objectively find the right one.

This post was inspired by SaaStr, You Have to Love the One You’re With

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Focusing on the why we do something has more staying power than falling in love with the how we do it. A good reminder, Kyle.

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