David Cummings, The Best Culture CEO in the Business

Yesterday was a banner day for Atlanta, the technology community, entrepreneurs & especially for the employees of two companies: Pardot & ExactTarget.

Pardot: started, bootstrapped and run by David Cummings & Adam Blitzer  was acquired for $95 million by ExactTarget.

It’s more than one national story. It’s the following headlines:

  • Pardot, the Bootstrapped Tech Startup Story of the Year
  • The Email Marketing Capital of the World just got Better
  • Nice Guys Come out on Top

But of all the stories, my favorite is about culture. The Pardot Story is the Best Corporate Culture Story since Zappos.

Pardot didn’t cut corners when it came to this principal.

I’ve had the honor and privilege to see it first hand. We previously wrote about it in The Top 5 Things We’ve Learned from David Cummings.

Here’s what we saw:

  • Every single person at Pardot embodying the three core principals of their company: Positive, Supportive & Self-Starting
  • Clockwork through regular cadence of meetings & sprints
  • Parties and fun – food, scooters, outings, and dancing
  • Something special in every single employee (professional athlete, woodworking expert, super marathoner, divers, weather experts, etc.) Everyone has an awesome story to tell.

The world needs to know this story.

Congratulations to Pardot & everyone who helped them along the way! We’re honored & privileged to be your friends.

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