Customer Discovery Technique

One of our marketing routines at SalesLoft is to answer questions around sales data and intelligence that come up in LinkedIn Groups. The other day while doing this, I stumbled across a neat way to conduct customer discovery via the same medium.

It all started when I posted a question that I’ve been wondering about for a particular product idea and got back about 10 responses from relevant parties.  I then replied privately to all the respondents and asked them 2 specific discovery questions followed by asking how they could envision the problem being solved if money was no option.

I got back 3 responses in short order that were very helpful on my quest for more market/problem knowledge.

The hardest trick is finding groups with high quality members,  a low filter for self-promotion, and an engaging audience that fits your market.

If you find that, I recommend using LinkedIn Group Q&A to discover the implications of your potential customer’s problems and to explore fitting solutions directly with them.

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