Convincing People to Blog

Over the weekend, I designed a homemade Mardi Gras mask. I built a dog bowl stand from scrap wood and cooked up a storm in the kitchen with April.

I also optimized our website and got more productive with email.

I previously had no idea how to do any of this stuff. Where did I get the info?


Last year, I launched a company. Built a team, went to work with an amazing mentor and I learned hundreds of business skills I never knew before.

The single top source of information in these endeavors?


People are the best source of knowledge and nourishment. But everyone is busy & 1 on 1 time is harder to get than ever.

Influencers by definition make a deep impact. They vary in reach. Blogging is a surefire way to get reach. It’s the extension of people.

My colleague Jon has an awesome quality. He’s a reading machine & has renaissance knowledge. He also cares about community and it’s influencers. A ton.

Lately, I’ve noticed him requesting others to start a blog or blog more often.

He’s right.

He wants to learn more of what you know.

He wants the community and others he cares about to learn from you.

And he knows it will reward you just as much as it does your readers.

Make an impact on others and share your special knowledge with your community.


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