Content Ideas for Recording Google+ Hangouts

We’re on our 4th week with a new content idea, Sales Influencer Series. It’s basically a short interview with a sales leader, all filmed through Google+ Hangouts.

Here are some of the details of the series. I’m writing these to solicit advice for improvement:

What we do:

  • Use Screenflow for recording and post production.
  • Use Wistia for hosting and follow the guide for looking snazzy on a webcam. Share the link with interviewee the day prior.
  • Use an Apogee Mic and a homemade box studio.
  • Chop up the clips into bite sized chunks and serve them up in easy to consume videos.
  • Keep it short, more of the interviewee, less me.
  • Get right to the meat of the conversation on the first question (ie their unique perspective).
  • Ask influencers to help find the next influencer.
  • Time-box 1.5 hours for end-to-end production.
  • Record the transcript using Speechpad for $1/minute

We’re having a blast and learning a ton shooting these videos. The big question is: how can we make them better? Would you watch these videos? Why or why not?

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