Companies Keep Getting Better each Startup Weekend

I’m bummed I missed the ATL Startup weekend pitches tonight but was honored to come and talk with a few of the companies.

My first observation? The teams and ideas keep getting better every time I go to one of these events.

Here are the 5 companies I met with and an overview for what they do:

  • Brakeroom: Lunch coordination automation. Solves the problem of people and companies having trouble setting up and coordinating lunch together. It’s like a Syncup for lunch.
  • Keep Dreamin’: Collaborative dream scripting for kids. Create amazing cartoons and stories from kid’s dreams. It’s like a Github for storyboarding using kid’s dreams as input.
  • Popplr: Crowd-sourced demand monitoring for pop-up stores. Help online brands determine the who, what, when and where they should set up physical pop-up stores to show of their goods and build loyalty.
  • Hito: Simple travel suggestions based upon your interest. Calculate what you like to day and make recommendations for events during your travel.
  • Borrowed By Design: Women rent out their formal dresses. A marketplace for woman’s excess dress inventory. Many of these dresses get worn once or twice but cost a good bit of money.

Congrats to Popplr on their second place showing and to Fuber for first place.

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