Choose Anxiety-Driven Growth over Boredom-Driven Growth

There’s a fascinating discussion on Quora about self-improvement. The question is How can I accelerate my personal growth?

The first answer describes the concepts of Anxiety-Driven Growth vs. Boredom-Driven Growth.

The idea is that you can improve one of two ways:

#1. Do harder things that are outside of your skill set in order to improve your skill-set.


#2. Do easy things frequently until your skills improve and you can move on to something more challenging.

“Anxiety-driven growth” is the faster way to improve.

Here are a few Anxiety-Driven Growth plans examples.

  1. Become a better leader by doubling company staff size and holding myself accountable for each member’s actualization.
  2. Put required incremental goals for cycling and running on my calendar.
  3. Make tough commitments for content creation and writing instead of just keeping up a rhythm.

This concept is similar to stretch goals or “fake it till you make it” but I loved the way it was presented on Quora (which I believe is one of the best sources of knowledge on the internet).

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