Buzz Doesn’t Create Product Engagement

I met with an entrepreneur this morning who’s had a lot of success generating buzz and interest for his pilot product.

He was asking me questions about hiring sales people, raising money & generating more buzz.

I told him (which I’ve definitely learned from experience), that the most important thing for him to focus on is customers using and engaging with his product.

Once you’ve uncovered a need, surveyed customers, and started building solutions, it’s time to get feedback and usage.

A lot of people smarter than me have been saying it:

“A startup is not a miniature business.”

And the community saying you have a great idea does not mean you have a scalable solution.

The steps in my eyes are:

  1. Find problem
  2. Discover ideas to solve it
  3. Build small solution
  4. Get feedback
  5. Improve
  6. Buzz


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