Business Idea: Taking the World’s Note’s Public

Virtually everyone, every day takes notes of some kind. Lessons learned, stats, figures, contact information, ideas, etc.

At the same time, notes are moving toward digital. Sans a few sticky notes, I’ve gone the last month w/o a pen & pad at the office. Tools like SimpleNote, Evernote, & Google Docs are helping make this seachange…but notes for the most part are rarely open & public.

Imagine if all of the knowledge from the world’s “notes” were public and available on the open web.

Think for a minute about cancer research. If every cancer researcher in the world had access to each-other’s notes, how fast would that speed up cures?

There is a huge opportunity for a software platform to take notes public…turning all the worlds ideas into big data searchable knowledge base.

This requires openness and transparency like never before, but isn’t that the way the world is going? What do you think?

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