Business Idea (Coder Data & Infographics)

You know what would be cool? Coder Profiles & Infographics.

For example, let’s say that you are evaluating software developers. What if their resume was a pie chart of which coding languages, platforms and other technologies they use? Or a bar chart with years experience in particular technologies? How about rankings based on pre-defined categories?

As a hiring manager, I’d LOVE to see that on a developers résumé. If you were a recruiter, how awesome would you look in front of your clients by presenting them with coder data in this format? The data is available on sites like Github and Top Coder, Twitter, etc..

I have a friend whom I’ve mentored to work on this idea so you’ll probably hear more about it from me down the road…

What do you think about this type of information presentation? If interested, I’d be happy to make an intro. My friend could use a great business partner.

  1. A good programmer will be able to work in most any of the languages you list. Recruiters and HR are obsessed if you’ve worked in a certain framework or a certain language – but in the the end, anybody who knows Ruby will be able to work in PHP, Python, CSS, or HTML – Any good PHP programmer will be the same.

    When I interview, I ask a language agnostic question. Of course, if you use java and write multiple classes it will be difficult. If you use PERL, it will tell me you know your regex, if you use Javascript, PHP, C, or Ruby it will tell me that you understand what you are doing.

    1. Thanks for reading Stephen, I always enjoy our discussions. Behind recruiters and HR are the hiring managers. Most of them want to see some experience with specific technologies. Additionally, many developers have interest in continuing to use the technologies they know best and can be most efficient with. Those two reasons alone make this a neat visual opportunity.

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