Business Idea: Animated GIF Marketplace

Animated GIFs are hot on the web. People love them and will spend hours consuming them. As a content media type, there’s not many better ways to make an audience laugh than a well designed GIF. Cue Random Dave Chappelle GIF:

Brands are starting to love them too. Because they get eyeballs and attention. As a content marketer, I’d love to easily find GIFs that are relevant to my content strategy and message, but good GIF campaigns are super hard to create.

Enter the idea for a GIF Agency, an animated GIF marketplace where big brands can come and get GIFs that fit their message. Lineup great designers with major brands (Coca-Cola, BMW, etc). Ads start at a minimum of $1,000 and go up from there.

I imagine brands would pay for awesome custom GIF designs for their content marketing. What do you think?

  1. I think It’s a good idea if there’s a marketplace that specialized only in selling GIF icon set, GIF illustration or GIF logo, with excellent quality.
    Right now there are lots of GIF clipart for free download in the internet, but most of the time they have poor quality.
    Also if there’s a markeplace for custom GIF, it will be quite fresh idea. I have done several GIF banners, and contextual illustration, so I think this is possible to create a startup based on this idea 😀

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