Author Rank is the Future of Search

Most tech savvy folks know the core asset behind Google’s success is an algorithm called ‘Page Rank’.

Page rank determines what search results to show.

Page rank determines the importance and relevancy of web pages by looking at:

  • on-page content
  • meta-data
  • inbound links

Page rank has made Google one of the most powerful companies in the world. But there’s a big problem: Page Rank doesn’t account for the author.

And that matters a lot.

Think about it, all else being equal would you rather see a Spielberg film or one from a no-name director? Could you imagine that a Martin Luther King speech would be good even before you heard it?

The author of content matters. That’s why Google has created Author Rank.

Author rank creates a ‘digital license’ for writers and content marketers. It scores them based on the quality of their contributions. It allows authors to float from site to site, recognizing their work wherever there are.

Measuring content by its quality AND the author’s reputation is bringing a whole new level of relevancy and accuracy to search results.

If you care about SEO and content creation, Author Rank is important and you should learn more. I suggest you start here:

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