An Obligation to be Brave

I started reading Brad Feld’s newest book, Startup Life today. April and I are reading it at the same time. The book is about thriving in your spousal relationship as an entrepreneur.

Here’s a quote that caught our attention:

Each of you has an obligation to be brave when it comes to initiating communication and working through issues.

This struck me as profound. In work and life, it can be challenging to take responsibility for saying what you want and need.

And on the flip-side, it can also be challenging to welcome and invite others to say what they want and need.  Being an agressive person makes this often tough.

I feel a lot of disfunction can stem from a) not communicating your feelings about something and b) not making others comfortable to speak their mind.

I’m inspired by the book to strive for stronger communications with those close to me, not only being comfortable in communicating what’s on my mind, but in being open and inviting to hearing it from the other side.

I’m about 1/3rd through and recommend the book. It’s got some pretty cool “pro-moves” that I’ll probably be writing about over the next week.

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