How to Absorb the News Like a Cyborg

You have zero time to fool around reading important news. Here’s a story on how you can hack news consumption.

I start with email as I like to manage things from there. I wake up and have the following 3 emails in my inbox:

1. aggregated information:

These are the top recommended articles based on what my network is sharing on Twitter.

2. LinkedIn daily Pulse

The top recommended articles based on what my extended network is publishing on LinkedIn.

(set this up from the LinkedIn email frequency settings)

3. Birdhouse Twitter aggregator:

Summary of all the tweets from people on my Twitter VIP list (folks like Funnelholic, SaaStr, and Mark Suster). Most of these contain article links.

Here’s what the three emails look like:

Now I have a bunch of article links. But I’m not going to read them, I’m going to¬†rapidly absorb them into my brain. Here’s how:

a. Open the link and add to pocket

But I don’t even use pocket, this just auto sends the article to my Rapid app.

b. Open Rapid and hit play

The second I hit play, the words fly off the page at a rate of 475 words / minute. It uses Spritz and the screenshot on the right is static snap of what happens. This app speed reads the article at extremely faster rates than I can read on my own.

So, want to know the most important articles from my LinkedIn network? Check. The most important links from Twitter? Check. The top articles from influencers? Check.

Set it up once and execute.
All in a few clicks and less time than it takes in a trip to Starbucks.

*** here is the tech used***

  1. Kyle… This is an awesome hack! I’ve been trying to find a system like this for a while. Can’t wait to get it set up. Thanks for sharing!

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