3 Indisputable Elements of Kick Ass Event

I’ve been focused a lot on event marketing this week. With the launch of the first ATL inside sales meetup, the continual success of ASV and the upcoming B2BCamp “un”meetup, I’ve been schooling myself in the art of the event.

Here are three core elements that I’ve learned are paramount to a solid event:

1. A team you can rely on.

Events have a lot of moving components. They’re not easy to organize predict or execute. Having 1-2 partners you can count on fully completely changes the game. Passion and people who get stuff done is what you’re looking for.

2. A predicable space.

Knowing the AV, capacity, rules and logistics are vital. You’d be surprised how hard it can be just to direct people to parking and entry. Use signs, details in invite emails and coach security to hook you’re attendees up with the info they need. Technical snafus happen always. Those prepared can avoid them and ensure greater success.

3. An email list.

We launched a new meeting earlier today. The event is less than 2 weeks away but we’ve been able to secure ~40 seats. It’s because we’ve been cultivating an email list. Regardless of what you think about social, email still rules. It’s a universal business medium. Use email to your advantage and you can quickly book events.

These are some ideas, they’re are obviously many more. Running events is always about building and serving community & any steps you can take to simplify that will go a long way.

Anymore big ideas on hosting events?

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