3 Day Startup

Aswin Natarajan and Jerome Choo are responsible for GT students showing interest in the startup community as much as anyone else I know.

And there are a ton of startup events in Atlanta these days. Knowing that, it should hold even more weight how awesome an experience I had at 3 Day Startup today.

This weekend, 10 teams (all made up off college students) grinded through the weekend at Hypepotamus to present and launch a product. I had the opportunity to meet with the groups and hear their pitches and was truly impressed. Here are three of the ideas I liked the most:

  • A marketplace for student industrial designers to sell the things they make (think Etsy for college designers)
  • Online cake and dessert ordering from local bakeries (think 1-800 flowers for sweets)
  • A non-profit that brings kids dreams to reality through crowd-sourced video.

But it’s not just about the ideas. These teams all came together to innovate and invent stuff that doesn’t exist in the world, to solve problems they face and to dive in to the world of startups.

I felt the teams were really talented and far along with their web-based products. These types of events are pumping more and more life into the Atlanta startup ecosystem and I love it.

Keep it up entrepreneurs.

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