11 Weeks to Dramatically Improve Your Leadership Skills

I didn’t know the importance of culture until I read David Cummings.

I didn’t know the importance of core values until I read Charles Brewer.

I didn’t know the importance of vision until I read Andy Stanley.

I could go on.

In 2005 I wanted to lead others, make a difference, change lives, but I was immature and impulsive. I had not built the reputation of being an entrepreneur.

I was a tech recruiter for Revelation Partners at Georgia Tech’s ATDC. If ATDC had an event I was there. Any other time I was at the Tech Square Starbucks. That’s when I caught the bug and decided to start my own company. I used to put together these happy hours and lunches with other “wantrepreneuers.” I realized I wanted to help them accomplish their goals and discover business fulfillment.

My problem was I didn’t know anything

High Tech Ministries’ Ambassadors program changed that with a year long curriculum filled with the best leadership books, followed by insightful discussion.

After the program I continued to study and soak up knowledge. I was learning so I could build my own skills. Then everything changed. SalesLoft grew from 5 people to 60. I read Mark Roberges’ Sales Acceleration Formula and started looking at leadership information differently. Having a leadership team caused me to look at content not for what I could get out of it but what the people I lead could get out of it.

Introducing the SalesLoft Leadership Curriculum

The book made me realize the time had come to create our own leadership curriculum for SalesLoft.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the last month. SalesLoft Rockstar, Margaret Weniger was up for the task and together (she did much of the heavy lifting) we created the SalesLoft leadership curriculum.

You can click this link to access it and make a copy for yourself.

SalesLoft Leadership curriculum.

Here are the sections:

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.24.51 AM

Since our company mission is heavily focused on changing the lives of our people, this means helping them find fulfillment and enjoyment in their career. This not only has a chance to change their lives, but also those of the people they serve.

Becoming a leader is an intentional process

The SalesLoft Leadership Curriculum program distills hundreds of hours of leadership education into key principles critical for success and if you follow them, I believe you’ll shortcut your path to fulfillment.

Check out the content here and let me know if I can help with ANY questions.

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