1 Surefire Way to Strengthen Your Startup

Move in together. Yup, that’s right. Get your core organization & move into one house for a period of time. You’ll never fortify your team in a stronger way than by actually living with them.

Here are some obvious advantages:

  • Learn to make decisions together. You thought your go to market strategy was hard to agree on? Try coming to terms on a 2 week split grocery list for 4 palettes :)
  • Bonds that run deep. Remember your college roommates? You could tell them anything & they’ll be friends for life. If getting that for your team is not getting an edge, I don’t know what is
  • Shared mission. Clarity in roles, missions & game-plans is vital to a startup. When you co-habitate, it’s virtually impossible to not stay on the same page.

Strengthening team dynamics should be a top priority. Now obviously moving in together won’t work for everyone, but I recommend figuring out a way to spend more off-time with your startup tean. We’re doing it in Boulder, CO & it rocks.

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