007 Style Product Management

Check out this sneaky idea…

Product management is all about fitting your offering to the market’s need, right?

And the best way to understand that need is to learn from customers. So, it’s highly common to see companies set up “knowledge or idea exchanges” where their customers make requests which are voted & commented on by the community. This is a key area of intelligence for the product manager of the listing provider.

You know who else gets value from this?? The competitor’s product manager.

Lately I’ve been setting up screen scrapes that will identify changes to a competitor’s knowledge base web page and send me an email alert with the findings.

It’s a great way to get an inside look at what your competitor users are asking for.

I recommend you monitor knowledge exchanges for competitor’s products. It will help you better understand the user issues and how they think.

What other forms of sneaky intelligence are out there? Have you ever done something like this?

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